Tour : How to create and qualify a lead in Salesforce lightning

You can also watch a video of tour below.

Step 1. Click on Leads icon to add a new lead
Step 2. Click on New Button to add a new Lead
Step 3. Fill Create Lead Pop-Up
Step 4. Lead Status is critical
Step 5. Showing lead stages
Step 6. Qualify and Convert a Lead

1.Click on Leads icon to add a new lead

Click on Leads icon to add a new lead. Note that lead can be qualified or unqualified. You simply have to focus and qualify lead. Qualified lead has budget, authority, need and time to make a buy decision.

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2.Click on New Button to add a new Lead

click on New Button at top right corner of screen. This will open a pop-up to add a new lead.

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3.Fill Create Lead Pop-Up

Fill Create Lead Pop-Up. Ensure that you are paying attention to lead source (Partner, Google adwords, etc) and lead ratings (Hot, warm, cold).

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4.Lead Status is critical

Make sure that you are entering correct lead status. Unqualified, New, Working, Nurturing and Qualified.

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5.Showing lead stages

A lead can go from unqualified, to new, working, Nurturing and converted. Use BANT formula to qualify a lead. Budget, Authority, Need, Time.

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6.Qualify and Convert a Lead

You can qualify and convert a lead. You need to now assign lead to an account and name the opportunity.

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