SalesU, Sales Ramp Platform

Sales team leaders are focused on making sure team members have the right skills, knowledge and resources to hit their numbers. SalesU is the first sales enablement and productivity solution specifically designed to help your sales teams ramp fast and close faster.




Why use SalesU?

SalesU allows any organization, big or small, to seamlessly train and coach their sales teams. Mobile-first and user-centric, SalesU is powered by the award-winning knowledge management and learning platform, EdCast.

Increase seller productivity.

Do you want your salespeople spending time looking for resources or closing deals?
Let EdCast Insights deliver the right knowledge insights (icebreakers, articles, documents, competitive intelligence,
videos)  directly to the palm of their hand.

Increase seller effectiveness.

How up-to-date do you want your salespeople to be on the latest sales pitches, demos and product details?
Use EdCast Coach to help sales reps practice their pitches and demos, getting feedback via via video
role-play anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Onboard reps faster.

Do you want your salespeople spending their time learning how to use sales tools or out selling?
EdCast GuideMe delivers In-App training directly inside the sales tools your sales people use every day. This will maximize
your selling hours and facilitate more sales.

SalesU Difference

Machine Learning

SalesU delivers the right content and coaching to the right rep at the right time. Each interaction with SalesU trains it be smarter for future interactions.


SalesU brings the learning to the learner — inside the CRM that the sales reps are already familiar with.

Easy Setup

Get up and running in a few minutes. SalesU integrates with the tools that sales teams already know and scales as business needs grow.

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